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Covid-19 Update

We try our hardest to keep stock availability on our website as accurate as possible.

Due to the number of Accessories we offer, we are not always able to do this as we rely on information from our suppliers. For this reason, some items may show as 'In Stock, for Immediate Dispatch', when it may not be.

The Pandemic has affected a huge amount of businesses in many ways, from Production delays due to staffing, further delays due to Demand and communication issues of information with fewer Staff being available. Our Suppliers are not always available to give us accurate real time stock data which in turn can throw our Website stock levels out. 

We appreciate your patience in this difficult time with any items which may not be immediately available.

If you require a part urgently, please contact us before ordering to check on Stock Levels and Availability.

We will always advise if an order is going to be delayed for any reason, and will endeavour to update on an estimated delivery date - but please be aware that this is subject to receving information from other companies. 

Luckily, we have a large stock holding and more often than not can fulfil the order by return. In 'normal' times we can and usually do get items out within 24 hours - We hope this will be the case again when normality resumes but until then, we really do appreciate your understanding. 

With thanks from all the Team at SP Engineering.