Making of SP Engineering Exhausts


We thought we would give you all an insight into exactly how we put together our exhausts here at SP Engineering. We always get positive feedback about the quality of our exhausts and the workmanship... Which is always great to hear as our guys in the workshop take great pride and time in building each one! It's exactly why we feel confident enough to offer a Life Time Warranty - each component, sleeve and finished product is inspected (twice!) because we know if we were to buy a premium quality product, we would want to receive exactly that. 

Check out the images below to see just how we do it here at SP Engineering 


One of the first processes is to cut 304 stainless perforated tube to the correct size depending on whether you have chosen 250, 300 or 380mm.

Each cut has to be deburred and linished to ensure there are no loose particles or sharp edges. Once these are prepared, we then MIG weld the tube to the inlet end of the exhaust, using stainless MIG wire.

 We then wrap the welded tube using E-Glass Fibre Wadding. Each Exhaust has the correct volume of material calculated to maximise the fill - we definitely don't scrimp on this! Ensuring the outer sleeve is protected from heat damage.

The wadded tube then fits tightly into the sleeve.

Each Exhaust Body has been predrilled in a jig before this stage to allow us to accurately drill into the assembled part.

We hand form the laser cut rivet bands with slip rollers, then using a pneumatic rivet gun, we pop rivet the cans together with stainless gasless rivets specially designed for this purpose.

Using this format means in future you can drill out the rivets and repack with replacement wadding to extend the life of the product if you find it needs it.

The beauty of our exhausts also means that they last enough to rebuild and repair where necessary if you have a drop or fall instead of having to buy a whole new can. Win win! It's a service we are happy to offer so bear that in mind should you need us to.





Looks easy right? 

But no, its not that straight forward... our engineer finishes to such high standards, it can take between 30-60 minutes to finish one product.

This depends mainly on size, shape - and especially if we fit our Diabolus carbon tip - the accuracy is vital to the end result, so we take great care and meticulous attention to detail in production.



Before we even get to the assembly stage, there are so many processes that are needed!

We rely on other British Engineering companies for Laser Cutting Services, Press Assemblies, Stainless Tube Manipulators and Metal Polishing Companies - so remember, by buying from us you are also helping many other businesses in the UK and we (as well as them) are massively grateful for it!

Hope this gives a bit of a snapshot into our day and the work we put into making sure your bike looks (and sounds) awesome wink

Let us know below what you think and if there's anything else you think we should include in this blog yes