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5 star

Bought my 2012 ZX10-R with a carbon MotoGP stubby end can already fitted. By far the best sounding exhaust I have come across. With baffle in its loud, baffle out its amazing! Fantastic crackling noise with pops and bangs, even the occasional flame smile emoticon Exhausts are so good I have bought a Demon end can also to use on track days to bring the noise down. Also sounds great and maintains crackling noise just at noise test levels.

My friend has said for Christmas all he wants us a cd of the exhaust crackling so he can listen to it when he wants it. Strange request but says it all about the sound of these exhausts really.

Will keep buying from SP Engineering, great sounding, great quality and made in Britain.

5 starReceived my Carbon can and found it easy to fit and all the parts were excellent quality , the sound from the exhaust is awesome. Try one for yourself you wont be disappointed.

5 starWent into showroom and spoke to Dave (knows his stuff) Absolute Pleasure to deal with. Solid advice and help. Well made products that look Great and sound Awesome. Loud but not obnoxious on mine. With a slight rice crispy effect on overrun that's damn sexy.

5 starExcellent quality exhausts, my carbon fits perfectly on my Fz1 and sounds amazing. Highly recommend the carbon Diabolus can

Laszlo Tolvaj 5 starIf i had 10 bikes i will still get sp engineering Exaust pipes

James Dourish 5 starOne of the best companies in Britain, great advice & communication and my new carbon fibre exhaust is stunningly beautiful and engineered to perfection was an absolute breeze to fit, with the baffle in it is loud with the baffle out it is like thunder.

You will never spend money anymore wisely !


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23/02/2018 - Suzuki GSX1250FA

I wanted to let you know that I have received and installed the can I ordered.  And I wanted to tell you how impressed I am, it is a very nice looking piece of kit.  The fit and finish were flawless and installation took only 30 minutes or so.
The bike looks - and sounds - *great* with the new can!  And the fact that you don't splash your company's name all over the can is a real bonus.  It looks very classy and tasteful.  Don't ever change that, all your competitors seem to think that their customers are unpaid advert salesmen.
I will be sure give my recommendation for your products whenever possible...
Best Wishes,




"Here are some photo's of the end cans that I purchased from you just over a year ago. The reason why I left it so long was to make sure that I wasn't misleading anyone by saying that they are as good as they are!  
This is the condition of your exhausts after 12 months of use and I am very impressed with your product.  They make my bike sound, to quote the wife "awesome" and to quote the lads "the b@ll@cks"!!
Please feel free to use any of these photos, and quotes if you can get away with it, on your website.
I have video with the sound, but it doesn't do them justice!!
Kind regards and many thanks
John Gladstone"